Parent Council Success 2020-2021!

Despite a tricky year due to the pandemic, we are proud to have achieved so much over the course of the school year! Many thanks to you if you have donated, fund raised or given your time over the past 12 months. Together, we have made a difference!

Building the Outdoor Pavilion

We secured funding to purchase and cover build costs of the outdoor pavilion. This has benefited all pupils since the post-lockdown return to school and the requirement to spend more of the school day outdoors. We went on to cover the cost of weatherproof window coverings, making the pavilion suitable for practical use in our often unpredictable Scottish weather!

Siting & Erecting the Poly Tunnel

Many months of community fundraising meant that we were in a position to buy and site a large poly tunnel within the school grounds. With help & advice from our local experts at Broughton In Bloom, we had raised beds made and filled as well as hanging baskets, tubs and planters made up. As we approach the summer, all pupils have been involved in the growing project and are starting to see the fruits of their labour!

Strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, tatties…the possibilities are endless!
Notice board located at main school gates

As the pandemic continued, the safety of our young people remained paramount. Parents not being allowed onto school premises created a barrier to communication. We were able to buy a noticeboard bespoke to the school where useful info can be displayed.

As ever, we have continued to support the school in practical ways to benefit our children, for example:

• Funding & organising playground markings
• Supporting IT subscriptions – Sumdog/Accelerated Reader
• Buying sports equipment, gardening supplies, library books & craft supplies
• Obtaining funding to support travel expenses for school trips once allowed again
• Supporting P7 Activity Days

If you can support us in any way, contact us at [email protected] or donate via the ‘donate’ button below!