Enrolment Information 2021

Thank you all for your continued commitment through these pandemic times. It is not easy adapting and adjusting to different ways of working and communicating and your support is appreciated.

Enrolment Week is this week and due to Level 4 restrictions, enrolment must take place online (discard all current paper copies of enrolment forms). An online form has been developed under very tight time constraints. The form will go ‘live’ at midday on Monday. Attached is  various documents and guidance which you should look at to familiarise yourself with the new process. No doubt, we may encounter a few problems and we would appreciate your feedback as we will be looking to improve the system going forward. We would also like to hear any positive feedback too J. 

Online Application

The Council’s website will host the application and parents will need to be registered with MyScotBorders (https://www.scotborders.gov.uk/myaccount) to complete the form. 

This can be done before Monday, so parents could do this now to save any problems next week.

The first question relates to the person completing the form, which then moves on to ask if they are applying for placement at the following:

  • Eligible 2 year Old
  • 3 or 4 year old 
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School  

Parents can apply for a placement for more than one child from the same household as part of the same application, however they must all live at the same address.  This will allow parents to apply for ELC and Primary or Secondary places without the need to retype the same details (such as parent details) for each child

At the end of the form parents will be asked to upload proof of address – if applying for more than one child this document will be used for all applications entered, they will also be asked to enter the details of the birth certificate and to upload a copy of the certificate for each child. The uploads can be a photo of the documents.

At the moment we are only allowing application for one setting, so parents will not have an option for split placements. This will be looked at as the guidance changes in line with the pandemic.  If there needs to be a split placement for whatever reason this will be dealt with and agreed on an individual basis.