Online Wellness & Relaxation Class with Alphedia Arara

Friday 15th January 2021
7.00 – 8.30pm GMT

Join International Author and Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop Facilitator Alphedia Arara live from her home in Glenholm, Broughton for an evening of relaxation and wellness during lockdown.

Alphedia will be teaching and leading us through exercises and techniques to de-stress and relax us; these will be suitable for all ages and abilities. With her vast experience in working with people all over the world via Zoom, she has created a class for us with bite size chunks of exercises you could incorporate into your daily routine to support you and your children during these challenging times.

So whether you would like an hour and half to yourself or to gather the whole family for this online class, all are welcome. Alphedia will lead us through a range of short experiences to help you feel calmer, less stressed and more relaxed.

Alphedia will first lead you through some gentle Qi Gong, tai chi exercises with breathing to help increase the life force energy flow through your body. You will be guided in visualisation techniques to help you feel more grounded, centred and focused within yourself; more able to cope with life.

You will also experience a beautiful sound healing from the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes and percussion which are deeply relaxing and support in calming the mental body from over thinking and worrying.

You will then be lead through a colour healing visualisation so you can find out which colours would be healing for you and then incorporate them into your clothing, jewellery and decor to bring that colour frequency into your life if you wish.

We will go on a guided wellness meditation that you can repeat any time to bring inner peace and calmness.

Stunning, powerful crystals will be present in the class space which will be supporting us all in our inner relaxation journey.

There will be time at the end for questions and answers with Alphedia. No previous experience is required of meditation or tai chi for this class. Alphedia will lead you all through, catering for all abilities, the focus being on relaxation.

Please wear comfortable clothing and have a blanket and glass of water with you. Children may wish to make a bed of cushions to lie on.

Ticket price:
£10 per household / Zoom link required. Please click on the “Donate” button below to buy your ticket.

Joining instructions:

Following confirmation of your payment, we’ll send you the Zoom link by email at 4pm GMT on Friday 15th January (3 hours before the class starts). Your email address will be deleted from our database once recordings of the workshop have been sent out.

Please email [email protected] in advance to let us know if you haven’t received the link but do check your spam box first.

Please note your audio and video will be muted in this class so you will not be seen or heard on camera. You will be able to make comments in the chat box on Zoom and ask questions at the end.

The audio quality will be better if listened to on a laptop or desktop computer (especially if through an external sound output) but a phone will still work.

A recording of the class will be sent out to you by email a few days after the event.

* If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID 19 please donate whatever you can for this experience. All details will be confidential*

How will the funds be used?  
Alphedia is kindly running this session as a fundraiser for Broughton Primary School Parent Council.

The school is building a new outdoor pavilion as part of its outdoor learning programme and funds raised from this event will be used for furniture and equipment for this.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser for our school.